Friday, February 14, 2020

Muh.3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Muh.3 - Essay Example ST scans that use IV contrast have a lot of risks associated with them. For instance, if barium extravagates, severe inflammation can result. Other potential hazards include pneumonia and burning in the stomach. Alarm Hazards. This is essentially due to excess of equipment in the hospital. There is a huge variety of equipment in this hospital. This includes patient monitoring, ventilator, dialysis units and much other equipment Cross contamination due to Flexible Endoscopes. Endoscopy is a diagnostic procedure which has set hospital care to a new trend. It is minimally invasive and has revolutionalized diagnostic measures in most modern hospitals. Medical personnel and patients are at a major risk. Patients are primarily at risk because of their unduly exposure to infectious diseases. This is due to failure and negligence of sterilization and cleaning procedures. A re-processing protocol should be made and implemented at the same time. It must be ensure that such a model specific protocol exists for every endoscopy model in the hospital. It must also be ensured that automated endoscope preprocessors are compatible with the disinfecting agents employed. The staff must ensure that the maintenance schedule is also followed and other carelessness should be avoided. Surgical fires. Janie Mc Call who is aged 65 years passed away in a flash fire while conducting a routine surgery in an operating room in September 2005. The incident took place at Heartland Regional Medical Center in Marion III. Surgeons, patients, staff, workers and nurses are at a potential major risk. It is estimated that at least 550-650 surgical fires take place every year. This makes it as dangerous and as frequent as other surgical mishaps for instance wrong-site surgery. The members of surgical team should be well aware of all the components and phenomenon associated with surgical fires such as oxidizers, ignition

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